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Andrade and Angel Garza recently challenged The Street Profits for the RAW Tag Team Championship at Clash of Champions. The match would end prematurely as Garza was unable to continue in the match as the referee threw up the dreaded X.

Recently in a video on YouTube Angel Garza explained how he got injured in the match, his recovery process, and how long he is expected to be out. He also made it clear that the injury didn't occur because of the Spanish Fly.

Here is an excerpt from the video:

"Unfortunately, the injury came afterwards. Montez went for a kick and I grabbed the kick. When I lowered it, I went for the knee, but I put in a little too much force into it. I thought when I was going to do it, [Ford] was a little too far from where I was and I didn't measure myself properly. When I tried to stretch my leg towards him, the other leg that was supporting it couldn't handle it and was stretched out too much," Garza explained. "That's when I heard a small pop, like a balloon exploding. Everything around that area started to get really hot and when I tried to move the leg, I had that tension close to my groin and it was my quadriceps, almost reaching my hip. That's what I felt. The referee came to me and asked if I can continue and I said no."

Here is full video:

I think we can all breath a sigh of relief as the injury could've been much worst if the match continued. 

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