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Audio Issues At WWE Live Event, Christian Returns, Developmental Workers On The Road With Main WWE Roster

- There were audio issues at last night's Smackdown live event in Asheville, North Carolina. The sound was inaudible during a Kane promo that aired on the screen as well as the entrance of The Uso's.

- Speaking of last night's Smackdown live event, Christian returned in a match where he went over Yoshi Tatsu. He was advertised locally in the show's main event in a triple threat against Sheamus and Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship but was replaced by Alberto Del Rio.

- Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris are on the road with WWE this weekend, with Rotundo working Smackdown shows and Harris working Raw shows. Harris debuted as Bray Wyatt where he wore a tropical print shirt and straw hat over black sweats.

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