Austin Aries On Healthy Eating, Being A Role Model And Wrestlemania

Austin Aries

In a recent interview with Sporting NewsAustin Aries talked about a number of topics including how to educate yourselves on healthy eating:

“For most people, you’re going to be a lot more successful if you say I’m going to take one day a week and try to do a meatless Monday like a lot of people do. Or pick a meal a day, lunches, where I’m going to try and do without any animal products, and do it that way and build from there than try to go all-in without the knowledge or tools because you’re going to fail.”

Aries also talked about being a role model figure when he goes out and performs for the WWE audience (and afterwards when he signs autographs/takes pictures). He also takes a little dig at a couple of fellow performers:

“You got The New Day and they’re pushing sugary cereal on the kids and I’m trying to tell the kids to have a banana and be a good role model. I always make the kids say please and thank you for pictures and autographs. I especially make the parents say please. I’m just trying to spread some manners and spread some healthy eating. There’s nothing wrong with that. I know in today’s society that probably makes you a bad guy but whatever.”

Finally, Aries talked about his very first Wrestlemania and what the whole experience felt like:

“Getting to be the first superstar to walk out there that night in front of an amped-up crowd was a really special moment. I definitely was fueled up with a couple of bananas. I had an extra banana or two before I went out there to make sure my potassium and energy levels were at their peak. It was really special.”


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