Backstage Bret Hart Photo, Russo Mention, A Look At WWE Network Free Preview Week

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- Below is photo of Bret Hart with Tyson Kidd and Natalya from Raw:


Home is where the Hart is.

— Nattie (@NatbyNature) July 8, 2014


— Nattie (@NatbyNature) July 8, 2014

- The letter The Miz read on Raw by Johnny Russo was a reference to former creative team member Vince Russo.

- This week is "Free Preview Week" for WWE Network. The company is loading up programming to entice people to signup one their free preview ends. This week's featured programming is as follows:

Monday After Raw:

The Monday Night War: Raw vs. Nitro
Encore Presentation of Money in the Bank


  • WWE Main Event
  • Wrestlemania Rewind
  • WWE Countdown:


  • WWE Legends' House marathon


  • Total Divas
  • NXT
  • Warrior: The Ultimate Legend


  • Beyond the Ring: Stone Cold Steve Austin Night


  • WWE Saturday Night's Main Event marathon


  • Wrestlemania XXX Encore Presentation

All featured programming begins in prime time at 8 PM ET aside from Steve Austin night, which proceeds this week's Smackdown.

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