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Backstage News On Luke Harper Winning The Intercontinental Championship

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I posted a question on social media on Monday night, asking my friends who would have thought Luke Harper would hold a singles title in WWE before Bray Wyatt. This of course alluding to Harper beating Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, as CJ Blaze covered at this link.

While Bray Wyatt is still being pushed in the top of the card in his program with Dean Ambrose, the elevation of Harper, even strapping him before Wyatt, should not come as a surprise. We filed a report here on Premium on October 6, 2014 regarding how the faction was viewed behind the scenes. Rather than grab from that report, I felt it was appropriate to include it in its entirety.

The following is from our Backstage News sectionfrom October 6, 2014:

The potential separation of The Wyatt Family with the company running the vignettes about Luke Harper being “set free” is a brainchild of Vince McMahon. We’re told Vince is high up on Harper because of his size and sees him as a bigger star than Bray Wyatt.

Triple H feels differently and was against splitting up the faction but didn’t resist the decision. One observer pointed to the fact the writing was on the wall for the faction and that Vince was essentially killing them off so why not let him have his way and push Harper.

However, this same observer expressed concern because Luke Harper is nowhere close to Bray Wyatt on the mic.

Another issue right now is that with the talent roster so thin and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose working towards the top of the card now, Vince feels that by splitting the Wyatts, they can end up with two top acts instead of one. Again, nothing regarding Erick Rowan was mentioned.

Click here to read our WNW Premium report in its original format.

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