Backstage News On The Miz Dropping CM Punk On His Head, Photos Of The Botched Suplex


For those that missed it over the weekend, we broke exclusively here at that CM Punk was knocked loopy after he was dropped on his head after a botched suplex by The Miz at Saturday night's WWE Raw live event in Springfield, Missouri (results here).

The spot was supposed to be a double stalling suplex. The Miz lost it towards the end and rather than falling back he came down in a piledriver style. Punk protected himself but we're told it could have been "really bad." Medical staff came out to check on him and he gave the OK to continue.

Once Punk got to the back he was said to be visibly angry and shaken up. We're told he didn't want to talk to anyone as a producer scolded The Miz. Punk hasn't really talked about the spot and went on to work Sunday night. Even if he was hurt, it's unlikely he would say anything as one observer reminded this is the same guy that fractured his skull early in his career and never said anything.

Below are two photos from the botched spot in Springfield:

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