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Backstage News On Planned Finishes & Angles For TakeOver & SummerSlam

Bobby Roode 2017

The second biggest weekend for WWE is upon us as it's SummerSlam weekend. Below is the latest news in regards to the events this weekend.

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III live from the Barclays Center tonight at 8pm on the WWE Network features a stacked card. (**Potential spoilers included below**)

Adam Cole is in Brooklyn for TakeOver and will debut tonight. This is something we've been reporting exclusively since April.

In the main event, NXT Champion Bobby Roode will defend against Drew McIntyre. It's time for Bobby to drop the title and move up to SmackDown to take over the role of being the number two heel that originally was planned for Baron Corbin. The current plan is for Drew to go over tonight and begin a program with Adam Cole.

The Asuka/Moon match as of writing is suppose to be Asuka's last match in NXT. One of the disscussed finishes was Asuka going over Moon and then getting on the mic to state there is no competition here and nothing left to prove. An issue with this is they don't want to bury the rest of the women's division in the process.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly are slated to be put together as a team at this point and shouldn't shock anyone if they appeared in the tag picture tonight.

Look for Johny Gargano to go all out this evening on the show as well.

The biggest show of the summer - and the longest - is Sunday night from Barclays Center with a special pre-show start time of way too early (5 PM EST). This pay-per-view. including the pre-show, will likley be over 6 hours, which is flat out just too long, even for WrestleMania.

The main event featuring a 4 way with Brock, Joe, Roman, and Braun is being kept very close to a need to know basis on the finish. As of Friday, Brock, Vince, Heyman, Dunn, and Hunter were the only ones that knew the finish.

The background on the stip was based upon the idea that Brock originally was thought to fight in UFC before the end of the year. Those plans have changed and now that Brock is likley not leaving for awhile as he is scheduled to work WWE events throughout August and September. Heyman orginally pushed for Joe to go over, however with Brock staying it is very much up in the air.

Another talked about angle is officially reuniting The Shield with Roman joining Ambrose and Rollins.

WNW @thomasfentonwnw will be live in Brooklyn all weekend for coverage.

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