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Backstage News On Wrestlers Currently Working Through Injuries, NXT Return & More

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Tommaso Ciampa

Kevin Owens has been nursing a back injury and his diagnosis is yet to be determined. WWE shot the injury angle on Smackdown Live in the way they did in case Owens can not do much at the Royal Rumble. WWE has known about the injury for a few weeks now and as of this writing, there was no surgery necessary at the time but rather just rest. That being said, Owens has been off or at least limited at house shows to try to rest up. Here's hoping it does not get worse.

Jason Jordan has actually been suffering from multiple injuries; he hurt his ankle a few weeks back but was still working and then afterwards, he hurt his lower back. Neither of these are considered serious and WWE has been taking it easy with him. He should be able to go on Sunday.

Samoa Joe has been resting and rehabbing his foot that he is not suppose to be putting any weight on while he is recovering. He and the WWE are hoping he can return in February so that they can start building a storyline for him at Wrestlemania. Hopefully he makes it as Joe missed Mania last year due to injury.

As of this writing, Bobby Lashley has not re-signed with WWE. What does this mean? Not much as anytime WWE is trying to keep a returning talent under wraps, they will wait until later to sign the contract so that it does not get out. It could mean they have a deal in place or it could mean that both sides could not come to terms on an agreement. In any event, an actual contract has not been signed.

Vince McMahon, who was not a huge fan of Chad Gable originally due to his look, has really grown on him thanks to Shelton Benjamin and feels that Shelton brings something to the team that is lacking from Gable.

Tommaso Ciampa was at the Performance Center this week and was also at some NXT live events. While he may not be cleared for an in-ring return yet, this only fuels the fire of the idea that he will be involved in the Johnny Gargano match at TakeOver to help build their Wrestlemania weekend match at the following TakeOver.

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