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Batista Comments On Fan Hate; WWE's Inability To Get Him Over As A Babyface

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Batista Tweeted the following:

The plan was for Batista to return to WWE as a top babyface and challenge a top heel in Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXX. As part of what can now be termed "the Daniel Bryan revolt," Batista has been used a scapegoat for fans upset about the fact Bryan wasn't even booked in the Royal Rumble match. Batista, on the other hand, returned from a near four-year absence in the bout and went over in a prominent spot. WWE has tried almost everything to get Batista over as a babyface but it hasn't worked.

We noted in our Backstage News from Elimination Chamber that Vince McMahon was “past upset” and a gimmick tweak was seen as inevitable. WWE seemed to tease a tweak on this week's episode of Smackdown as the tagline is - The Animal Unchained. The promotion is Batista will appear at Smackdown in Milwaukee to tell the WWE Universe what he really thinks of them.

The company will tape this week's episode of Smackdown on Tuesday night and we'll have complete taping results here at

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