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Batista Continues To Express Frustration With WWE


Batista continues to express frustration with WWE. He tweeted over the weekend the day a WWE cameraman doesn’t know his name and addresses him as “Mr Cool Strong Dude” is the day he realizes his career is over. He then hashtagged #Today. You can read the tweet below:

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A follower tweeted, “@DaveBautista they probably fired somebody from Creative who then decided to become a cameraman” Batista responded: “Both funny and sad at the same time!!Apparently you know more about the business than a lot of people they're hiring” Click here to load (if not loaded)

Batista’s acting career has taken off and he has never been one to shy away from criticizing him former employer. He’s coming off a failed return from last year and is finished with WWE. If he ever returned, he would want more creative control over his character.

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