Batista & JBL Remember Eddie Guerrero On The Sixth Anniversary Of His Passing


Eddie Guerrero passed away on November 13, 2005, and among others, John Layfield and Batista remembered him on the sixth anniversary of his passing. On his blog, Layfield remembers Eddie's style of working matches and a particular match in which Eddie hit him with a frog splash from atop a steel cage. Click here to read Layfield's full blog.

On Twitter, Batista talked about hearing about Eddie's passing and more:

got a text from my homie @sonnyblowdro when i woke up asking me if i was ok, i assumed he was referring to Manny's fight last night. i automatically got defensive!! styles make fights! Manny always has trouble with Marquez!! he still won!! then when he said he wasn't asking because of Manny i quickly realized that today was Nov.13th....the day Eddie Guerrero was taken from us 6 years ago. so i'm in beautiful Tampa Florida and the sun is shining and weather is perfect but somehow this is a depressing ass day..and i know it is for alot of other people as well. i think what bothers me most is that i never really got that chance to tell Eddie what a huge impact he made on my life and my career. honestly even if i had the chance to tell him it still wouldn't have made it any easier because the fact is that I loved the hell out of Eddie and it just plain sucks that he's not here anymore! as plain as day i can still hear Angie scream and then look at me and say "i just got a message from Dr.Rios.....Eddie's dead". i wish i could erase that from my memory. i haven't found closure on this. i don't think i ever will. i know alot of people won't. it bugs the shit out of me that there's millions of young wrestling fans who won't get to see how brilliant Eddie was in the ring. he's the only guy i know who could have you in tears laughing and then make you want to rip his head off within minutes. what i personally loved most about Eddie was that he didn't define people by their mistakes. he made alot and he never forgot that. he didn't pass judgement...which is so common in the HOLIER THAN THOU world of the WWE. Eddie was also the slowest walking human being alive...which always amused the hell out of me for some reason. i don't know how he ever got anywhere!! i could go on and on but i'll end it by saying this. Eddie..i miss you,i love you, and you are gone but never forgotten. RIP my brother.

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