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Batista Scheduled For Raw Next Monday, Latest On WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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Batista Scheduled for Raw

To answer those that have emailed in about Batista, he is advertised for Raw next Monday in Indianapolis, IN. He will be taking time off at some point to do media for "Guardians of the Galaxy," however, no word on when that will be. The film premieres in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Latest on WWE World Heavyweight Championship

As the storyline goes, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan "must surrender" the title to Stephanie McMahon at Payback on Sunday or Brie Bella will be "fired." I haven't heard the plans on the storyline-heavy situation with the title but WWE has been intentionally stalling until a firm timeline on how long Bryan will be out is established. He is scheduled to followup with Dr. Joseph Maroon, the doctor that performed his neck surgery, this week.

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