Batista Says Lesnar Ending The Streak Sucked, Today's Audience, WWE Having No Competition


The UK Huff Post has a new Q&A online featuring quotes from Batista. While Batista has been doing a lot of media ahead of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy -- in which he plays the role of Drax the Destroyer -- I felt there were enough notables here to pick out some highlights. They are as follows:

Wrestling fans being anti-Batista or just pro-Daniel Bryan:

You could have fooled the hell out of me! They channelled their rage right in my direction. I can't put my finger on it, it was crazy. I don't get wrestling now. I've kind of completely taken my finger off the pulse. It's a different audience which I don't understand. It's strange though, it's really just the TV audience because when we get into the live events it's a completely different audience and they come just to watch the show. It's weird, the TV crowd seems like they come to be the show rather than to watch and interact with the show. It's like they want to steal the show, so I'm just totally confused.

Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling:

Any competition is good for business, the problem is they're just not going to be any competition. They'll never beat the production of the WWE. It's a huge production, they're just so good at what they do and they're on top of the world for a reason. It's a first class production and I don't see anybody being a threat. WCW was the closest thing and I think it's a shame they went under because I think competition is a good thing but that promotion or any other promotion is just not competition.

The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak being broken:

It sucked! Honestly, I thought it sucked. I haven't really talked much about it but I think it was a bad decision, a horrible decision. I don't have any say in the matter but to me, watching as a fan, it made me sick. Brock Lesnar beating him didn't seem to work and it really wasn't good that Brock left the day after. I just don't see how that made sense at all. I don't think anyone wanted to see the streak broken and it just didn't make sense to me.

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