Beadle Talks Tribute To The Troops Experience, NXT Release, Cena Not Welcome In Saudi Arabia?, WWE Rings, Lita Featured

John Cena

- Access Hollywood has an article online on Michelle Beadle hosting this year's Tribute to the Troops taping. The article doesn't mention AJ Lee and Beadle put over the experience. Click here to read it.

- Richie Steamboat is no longer under WWE developmental contract. His release wasn't even known about until Chris Hero brought it up in recent media interviews. Steamboat had been plagued by a back injury.

- Saudi Arabian journalist Khaled Al Suleiman wrote that John Cena is not welcome in the country due to his own "bitter experience" with his children and their "obsession with John Cena." I'm not sure I understand the point but you can read coverage at this link.

- For more than 20 years, WWE's rings have been supplied by Mark Carpenter of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dot com features him in a new article that you can read at this link.

- Complex Gaming has a new article on Lita being featured in WWE 2K14 at this link.

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