Becky Lynch was recently interviewed on The Wrestling Compadres podcast and talked about pushing for a women's tag team division:

"I am constantly thinking about it and brainstorming and pitching for it," Lynch said."Even if I am not involved with it, I still think that it would be a wonderful step in the Women's progression. When I say involved in it, I say that because I am going after the Women's championship and that is where I want to be, but in the future that is where I want to be, especially in the future."

Lynch also noted the talent pool has to grow though:

"We have all these women in the Mae Young Classic and have so many girls and having such a deep roster," Lynch continued. "We still have a shallow side - not shallow, but there are a few women on either side of Raw and SmackDown. We probably have like 8-10 on either side, so that is kind of tricky do a tag title and Women's title, but if we can combine and go through all the different things and connect, not sure if that is possible, but who knows."

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