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Bella Twins Endorse Celebrity Sweat, What JBL & Cole Did On Their Off Day

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The Bella Twins

Bella Twins Endorse Celebrity Sweat

The Bella Twins are featured in a new commercial for Celebrity Sweat. The ad promotes them as "Former 5-time WWE Divas Champions," which of course is inaccurate. Brie had one reign and Nikki had one that lasted six days. You can watch videos and check out a feature of the Bella's using the product at this link. Other celebrities in the commercial include Andrew Bynum, Nelly, Michael Vick, Deasean Jackson and Devin Hester.

JBL & Michael Cole Training

JBL and Michael Cole used an off day on Sunday in Calgary to prepare for one of their upcoming mountain climbs. Below is a photo of Cole:

">May 27, 2013

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