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Big Show Signs Multi-Year WWE Contract

Big Show

After the opening the New York Stock Exchange earlier in the day, Big Show later revealed that he has signed a new contract with WWE during an interview with the NYSE. Down below, he discusses his new deal with the company and the retirement rumors:

"The rumors of me retiring are false. I actually resigned in January. I have a new contract, multi-year deal so I'll be around for a while. This is not the end. For those of you that wanted me to retire, too bad so sad I'm still here. It's a different role for me, I'm still competing in the ring. I do a lot more outside projects, a lot of projects for myself. It's a good synergy WWE and I have put together. I'm looking forward to the future.."

Big Show has been out of action with since September of last year due to having surgery on his hip. People were speculating about Big Show retiring, but now that a new deal is signed, that is not the case.

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