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Big WWE Roster Changes To Monitor In 2017

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Will Ospreay

There are expected to be WWE roster changes coming with the new year as stars currently working down in NXT will get called up to Raw and Smackdown and workers with expiring contracts currently employed by companies like Ring of Honor will be offered deals.

We have covered at length the possibility of Samoa Joe getting called up, with one expected for sooner than later. Another name that is nearing a main roster promotion is Tye Dillinger. Various ideas have been pitched for him, including using him as an NXT entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble match.

Dillinger is a guy that is seen as polished and ready for a role on the main roster when they find a storyline for him.

In terms of top workers outside of WWE right now, a name to keep an eye on is Will Ospreay. He’s locked in to a contract with Ring of Honor that went into effect on December 1, 2016 and has established himself as a sought after prospect. He addressed his dream of going to WWE on day in an interview with ESPN:

"I just feel like right now it's not the time for me. Trust me when I say this, WWE has always been the thing I've grown up watching -- guys like Paul Heyman, who I've met, and Matt Hardy, who I've met. So many names who I can mention who have inspired me. The WWE will be the dream; however, I wanna go in there with a big splash. I don't wanna go in there and be thrown in the shallow end of the pool. I wanna be thrown in the deep end, and trust me when I say it, I'll swim.”

While 2017 may not be the year he ends up in WWE, it’ll be interesting to follow his progression from this point forward.

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