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2019 Wrestling's Biggest Moments Of Each Month

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This is quite possibly the most newsworthy year for wrestling in this decade. We had debuts, returns and massive moments that changed the paradigm of the business. I'm going to take an attempt at looking at the year as a whole and breakdown some of the biggest moments of the year. 

January: More than a T-Shirt company. AEW announced the company on January first and then one week later they held a rally in Jacksonville to kickoff the company. This will be a moment we look back on in wrestling history regardless of the outcome. 

February: "I'm In remission Ya'll." In October of 2018 Roman Reigns announced he had been diagnosed with Leukemia. In February of 2019, Roman announced his Leukemia was in remission.

March: The Shield Reunites. On an episode of Monday Night Raw the Shield would reunite for one final run before Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley) would leave for AEW. 

April: The Glass Ceiling Is Shattered. Nobody had a bigger year than Becky Lynch, she won the Royal Rumble months earlier and in April she would go on to Main Event WrestleMania and win against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

May: Double or Nothing. AEW has it's inaugural show, it sold out quickly and saw Chris Jericho get a massive win and Jon Moxley make his debut on AEW.

June: Rainmaker defeats The Alpha. A dream match of sorts was seen by those who watched NJPW Dominion. Okada would defeat Chris Jericho at the event.

August: The Fiend's First Match. Summerslam would see Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins both walk away victorious. However The Fiend's character would steal the show and begin his ascension as top act to close 2019.

September: AEW Goes All Out. AEW crowns it's first champion in Chris Jericho in the sold out Chicago Arena. 

October: TV Wrestling Changes. A war begins on Wednesday night's between NXT and AEW that would see AEW get the upper hand. The NWA launches Powerrr and Smackdown debuts in a massive way on FOX.

November: Adam Cole's Amazing Month. Nobody in wrestling had a bigger or more impressive month than Adam Cole. From laying out Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, to defeating Daniel Bryan and retaining his title against Seth Rollins and concluding with defending his title on Survivor Series. He.Is.Undisputed.

December: Rhea Ripley Get's Two Victories In One Night. Shayna Baszler is arguably the most dominant NXT champion ever. Ripley would defeat Baszler on the final NXT/AEW head to head night of the year and lead to NXT first sweep of viewership.

These are some of the biggest moments of the year from each month. What would you consider moment's that should make this list? Let me know on Twitter @awesomephinatic and please listen to my weekly podcast RawViews on Podbean and here on Wrestling News World.

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