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Bill Goldberg Says People Chanting His Name Is A Huge Honor & Not A Knock On Ryback

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Bill Goldberg was on "4th & Pain" with Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on Thursday and discussed recent comparisons of him to Ryback. Below is a paraphrased excerpt of what he said:

I am very flattered throughout his [Ryback's] rise that people have been chanting my name. I don't think it's a knock on him whatsoever… I take no offense to be compared to a guy who is going up against for the US title or whatever it is. He's going to hopefully be a major superstar for these guys [WWE] and it's kind of flattering. I didn't make it that long in the NFL but I made it there… At the end of the day for people to still be chanting my name, six years, seven years, eight years removed from the business - that's a huge honor. Any comparison on a positive note is a huge honor for me.

Click here to listen to the show in its entirety.

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