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Blame WWE, Not Roman Reigns; More Royal Rumble Reaction

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The Rock is already back in Miami and has probably completed his morning cardio as I type this. He Tweeted this about the Royal Rumble “passion” by the crowd in Philadelphia:

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I’ll reiterate a point I continued to drive home in Richard Reacts to Royal Rumble. This wasn’t on Roman Reigns, this was on WWE’s booking. They didn’t put Reigns in a position to succeed, in fact it was quite the opposite. Daniel Bryan was eliminated far too early, Reigns was booked far too dominant but the latter didn’t even matter. When Bryan was eliminated, the crowd checked out and continued to highlight the stubbornness of the WWE brass to LISTEN TO THEIR FANS. It's identical to the position they put Dave Batista in one year ago. WWE refused to even have Daniel Bryan in the Rumble match and than forcefully booked Batista to win the match. Same situation here. Rather than tactfully scripting Reigns' elevation, they unimaginatively booked him with careless eliminations and sent The Rock out in hopes of saving him. Scott Fishman from The Miami Herald Tweeted this point: Click here to load Tweet (if not loaded)

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