Bobby Lashley On WWE - "I'm Completely Open To Going Back"


SLAM! Wrestling has a new article featuring quotes from Bobby Lashley. In it, Lashley talks about WWE and while he criticizes them for letting John Morrison walk, he has many positive things to say. Lashley also didn't rule out a return to his former employer, almost as going as far as suggesting he's interested:

Below is an excerpt:

"There’s of course unfinished business in WWE, there’s always some unfinished business somewhere, but I believe there’s still something’s to accomplish in WWE, definitely.

"I’m completely open to going back, I would love to come back and do something big if there was an opportunity presented, I would definitely consider it.

"While I would do it, if the chance never came my way then I would be completely content in continuing with what I’m doing at the moment and that’s continuing wrestling and trying to become the best possible fighter I can be."

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