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Booker T Discusses Returning At Last Year's Royal Rumble, Reveals His Pick To Win This Year's Event, More

The Miami Herald has a new interview with Booker T, in which he discusses his career as a wrestler and an announcer, the Royal Rumble, and more. When asked about his return to WWE in last year's Royal Rumble match, Booker responded:

“That was my favorite Royal Rumble. When I came back as an unexpected entry in the Royal Rumble, the fans were so excited to see me. It really made me feel like, ‘Wow, I’ve done something in the business that the fans have really appreciated more than anything.' It wasn’t about me going out there and winning the Rumble. It was the fans giving respect for what I’ve done in this business for 21 years. That was great. That was like a stamp of approval in this business for me.”

When asked if he had planned on returning to WWE, Booker said:

“It never was a thought. I wasn’t planning on coming back when I came back. I got a phone call, ‘Hey Book, would you like to come back and do ‘Tough Enough’ [as a trainer].’ Cool. Great. It was something different. I knew I wanted to wrap up my in-ring career. I wanted to get away from that. There comes a time when you got to pass the torch, and when I came back, it’s been great. I never thought it would be as good at it’s been this last year. It’s been awesome.”

When asked about getting thrown over the top rope in the match, Booker said:

“It’s not a good feeling. It’s like a lump in the bottom of your stomach when your feet hit the floor, because that was your shot. A lot of guys that may be their only shot of getting a World championship, a WWE title shot. I’ve been lucky to capture it six times. I put myself in great position outside the Royal Rumble, because I never won the Royal Rumble. That’s why I say it’s so hard to do. You’ve got to put yourself in the right position. Twenty-nine superstars will leave there heart broken, and one guy’s gonna win it. My pick is from SmackDown, Sheamus, the Celtic Warrior. He’s been on fire.”

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