Booker T On Being From WCW & Making WWE HoF, Most Promising Talent, Current Role

Booker T

The New Straits Times Press out of Malaysia has a new article online featuring quotes from Booker T. Below are the highlights:

Being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

I am one of the few from the WCW who has made it to the Hall of Fame. But what’s more important (underneath all the success) is the fans’ support. One hundred years from now, people will still remember Booker T. It’s a huge honour and the feeling is just indescribable.

Most promising talent in WWE:

Daniel Bryan is not the face of WWE but he has proved that everybody has a fair chance (to compete). He’s about 178cm and weighs 95kg. He proves you don’t need to be a muscle-bound guy to wrestle.

In fact, you can be an average Joe and go out and make people believe in you. He gives hope for those who want to be a champion. He’s that sort of guy who (literally) comes out of the dusty road and creates his own style and character instead of waiting for the WWE to create his style. He is the future of professional wrestling.

Has he ever thought about a comeback?

I wouldn’t call it a comeback (laughs). I’m semi-retired and to work around these schedules that the younger wrestlers and the divas (applies to the female talent, whether as wrestlers, managers or ring announcers) is rough. It’s a young man’s sport. I don’t want to be one of those wrestlers who still holds on to the past, hearing all the roars from the crowd.

Royal Rumble (a match based on the classic Battle Royal match, where wrestlers eliminate competitors by tossing them over the ring’s rope) is cool, I can do it once a year but to do it every day or week is tough. It’s time for me to step aside.

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