Booker T Rates Himself As A Smackdown Commentator & Claims It Is The Most Challenging Role He Has Had In Wrestling


The Miami Herald posted a new article with quotes from Smackdown General Manager Booker T. In the article, he discusses his expectations for WWE SummerSlam, his goals as General Manager, and more. In the following excerpt, Booker rates himself as a Smackdown commentator:

“I give myself a C, maybe a C+, maybe,” he admitted. “That job is a job you’ve got to learn on the job and literally study on a weekly basis. You’ve literally got to stay in tune to what’s going on in life as well, just to stay fresh. Being a commentator is something I jumped into headfirst, not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. I looked at it as a learning experience. I never tried to put myself over Michael Cole or Josh Mathews or tried to make myself the voice of SmackDown or anything like that.

He goes on in the excerpt below:

• So what is the greater challenge? Tag team wrestler, singles wrestler, trainer, promoter, commentator, general manager or artist?

“Commentator,” he laughed. “Everywhere else I’m comfortable. I actually don’t consider myself a trainer. I consider myself a teacher. Trainers are like Army drill sergeants. They train one way. They train everybody to do it the same way.

“I don’t do it that way. My guys go out and figure out the problem. As long as it’s right, it’s OK with me. About being in the ring, I was always comfortable performing in front of a crowd. That was something that didn’t bother me at all. Running my own business, being the promoter, the knowledge from all the years performing prepared me for that.

“Commentating was something I was stepping into blind. Even though I had performed for years, it doesn’t prepare you for being at the table. I loved it. I had a great experience with Michael Cole, Josh Mathews, King [Jerry Lawler], and I wouldn’t change it for nothing.”

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