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I love Money In The Bank. Plain and simple. Its a close second to the Royal Rumble for my favourite pay per view of the year. Over the last 10 years, since the match moved away from WrestleMania and was granted it's very own annual event, the MITB match has given us countless MOTY contenders and helped to propel superstars like Edge into the upper echelons of WWE.

On the other side of the pond, AEW are already starting to spin their wheels a little. An uninspiring World Championship reign for Jon Moxley, with very few legitimate challengers, has often raised the question of who will be AEW's next rising star. Considering what the MITB match has done for so many of WWE's mid card, it begs the question - What if this gimmick was happening in AEW instead of WWE?

Obviously, I'll be booking this using only wrestlers who are on the AEW roster, rather than WWE. One match for the men, one for the women. It also assumes that the match would be booked in typical WWE fashion, rather than making any adjustments to become an AEW thing in its own right. Maybe AEW will do something similar to this down the road and we’ll look back in retrospect with fresh eyes on this fantasy booking.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that I have much less knowledge about who AEW have available right now compared to WWE in regards to the pandemic. But that is the beauty of fantasy booking! Some of these choices may not even be working at the moment, but as this match will never happen anyway who cares right?


Women's MITB Participants

Big Swole - The first of two women that I've chosen based on RAW power. Very little chance of winning, but she’d be one of the highlights of the match, putting in a great shift as the heavy hitter.

Bea Priestley - Not much explanation needed here. One of the better women in the division who could catapult herself with a strong showing here.

Kris Statlander - Part 2 of the power game and one of the most viable contenders to win.

Britt Baker - The red hot favourite, Britt has been on fire the last few months. Not much needs to be said here.

Hikaru Shida or Riho - I’m not sure which of these two I’d prefer. Shida should probably be a contender in her own right. That would leave Riho to bounce around as the smallest girl in the match. However, if you’re going for as many potential winners as possible for the surprise factor , I’d swap Riho back out and put Shida in there, instead.

Penelope Ford - Underrated. Has a lot to offer with her agility in a match like this.

The Bunny and Sadie Gibbs were both close calls and would have been solid participants in this although Gibbs hasn’t been pushed too much yet. Most of the others on the roster simply wouldn’t deserve a spot at all. With that being the field of competitors in the match, which one of them would likely walk out with the briefcase?


Winner & Plans

I’m going Britt Baker all the way. Money in the Bank had always been so much better as a heel prop than a babyface launching pad. I get that Nyla Rose is a heel and the next to challanger her and hold the belt should therefore be a face, but who’s to say Baker couldn’t just cash-in on the person who beats Rose?

Shida beats Rose and Baker beats Shida further down the line by cashing in. That’s the best case scenario, to me.


Mens MITB Participants

With SO many viable options to choose from, this was extremely hard to pick just six men. I tried out a few different variations of this list before finally settling on this one, and I think there’s a case to be made for all sorts of variations that are just as believable. This is a group of individuals who you could genuinely see any of them winning.

Darby Allin - This is the kind of match that someone like Allin was simply made for. He is AEW’s answer to Jeff Hardy. He would 100% be in this match, not only for pulling off the spots to make it must-see but also because he is the type of mid-carder who this match could catapult to stardom.

MJF - The second most obvious pick and the favourite to win in this scenario. Future AEW champion regardless of this match. It's that simple, no explanation needed.

PAC - Way back when in WWE, a certain Mr. Neville put on the performance of a lifetime in MITB, so it only makes sense to have him reprise his role in AEW. Another believable winner who would pull off some mesmerising high spots and brawl all at the same time.

Luchasaurus - The powerhouse to toss people around and make them look indestructible. I considered Brodie Lee, Jake Hager or Lance Archer, but I wouldn’t have any of them win. Luchasaurus is a firm fan facourite and a dark horse to win the ladder match.

Scorpio Sky — The babyface that everyone wants to win in a breakout moment pushing him towards the top of the card. Another guy who can pull off some crazy moves.

Sammy Guevara — A future champion for sure. He would represent The Inner Circle and would be another believable dark horse.

As mentioned before, this one was tough, I had a long lost of participants, but had to narrow it down to 6 to fit with the existing format since WWE moved back to the traditional number of participants.

Cody is unable to challenge for the title, so he’s a no straught away. Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy are embroiled in their own rivalry at the moment. I removed credible challengers like Adam Page and Kenny Omega because they’re the current tag team champions. The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros would bring a lot to the match but are fixtures in the tag team division and wouldn’t make sense in this singles division match.

There were lots more names like Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears who would thrive in this environment, but they felt less worthy of taking up a spot over the picks I went with.


Winner & Plans

As I said begore, this is all MJF. His entire shtick is based on power and wealth. His character would lord this over everyone and become even more insufferable. He’s a chicken-shit heel who would attempt to cash in repeatedly before picking the perfect snakey moment to capitalize on a downed Jon Moxley like the coward he is.

He's just better than you. Deal with it.

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