Braun Strowman Comments On Brock Lesnar Punching Him, Working With Alexa Bliss

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Braun Bliss

Braun Strowman recently spoke with The Daily Star about the match at the Royal Rumble where Brock Lesnar gave him a stiff punch to the head following a hard knee from Strowman:

"Any time Brock and I are in the ring it's very physical. You're talking about two larger-than-life human beings who are fighting for dominance. Stuff happens. It's a contact sport – it's not tennis. We're not going out there to slap a ball around, we're going out there to beat each other up. That's what we did."

Braun also talked about his recent work with Alexa Bliss in the Mixed Match Challenge:

"To be able to wind down a little bit when my body was beat up, I was fighting a little bit of a cold, was a very entertaining and refreshing segment to go out and work with. I got to show another layer of Braun Strowman the character, to show that he has a little bit of a softer side. It might be that he's sweet on Alexa Bliss."

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