Braun Strowman's Actual Injury Revealed, Surgery Date & Recovery Details

Braun Strowman

As many of you might know, Braun Strowman injured himself at WWE Payback when he flung into an ambulance door, knocking it off its hinges.

WNW's own Thomas Fenton confirms that Braun has basically been "working hurt" over the last week with his nagging injuries increasing by the day. The main extent of the injury has been to his UCL but thankfully it was not a complete tear. If he had torn it completely, he would have had to receive a "Tommy John," which is a complete replacement of the UCL by using another tendon in the body and re-structuring his entire elbow.

The full recovery time for Strowman is not known at this point until doctors can see the full extent of his injury. At the very least, he could be looking at 3-4 weeks, but the worst case scenario could be anywhere from 9-12 weeks. This is going to be difficult as plans were set for Strowman to main event Extreme Rules against Roman Reigns and he was also the front-runner to go up against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Great Balls of Fire.

At this point, writers are scrambling to come up with a different main event for Extreme Rules and a backup idea for Great Balls of Fire in case Strowman's injury is more on the serious side. There will be meetings and conference calls all day today and tomorrow to figure out the next step.

We will have more details coming up soon in our Premium section.

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