Bray Wyatt's Wife Suing For Divorce, Alleges Affair With Co-Worker

Bray Wyatt

The news made the rounds just about the time RAW was on the air that Bray Wyatt may be in for a long summer. His wife, who has been married to Bray for the past five years is suing Wyatt for divorce, alleging "adultery and misdeeds" with ring announcer Jojo Offeman.

Wyatt dismissed the claims, stating that his wife is just using defamatory statements to ruin his reputation but Samantha insists that cell phone records indicate that there has been consistent contact between Bray and Jojo. Samantha also alleges that Bray walked out on his two young daughters in December.

It is worth noting in all of this that Bray and Samantha have been separated since March but there is no word on when the affair allegedly began.

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