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For the first time in Wrestling history we had a "Firefly Fun House Match" and to some it up it was bizarre. Don't get me wrong, bizarre isn't bad, it was just different, outside the box and was really hard to wrap your head around. It wasn't a match, it was retribution, it was a story of two people and a rewriting of a wrong from six years ago. In this article I'll breakdown each major moment of the segment and why it happened. 

We begin with a video package showing all of John Cena's accomplishments, including his win over Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 30. This leads to him entering into the empty arena and Bray coming on screen. Bray sets the stage for what you will see, you will be going to another place where everything you hide on the inside comes out. 

Cena goes into the Firefly Fun House exit door which leads him to a completely dark space where we see the Vince puppet. This is a call back to Vince looking for the next big star and told everyone that they needed to show ruthless aggression. This led to Cena stating very early in his career that he would take the torch and run with it, leading to him going to prove it against Kurt Angle on Smackdown.

That brings us to Wyatt standing in the ring mimicking Kurt Angle from that moment back in time. Cena then walks out as he did back then and you get the memorable debut line from Cena. However his run was a failure much like his engagement to Nikki Bella, he was one dimensional, had no character, was too green and was almost fired.

This brings us to the "Saturday Night Main Event" segment with Wyatt telling you about his "partner" and how big and muscular he is. Saying that muscles and old school thought processes are all that matter, saying that is the only reason why Cena got another opportunity. Another opportunity to reinvent himself because of his physique. 

Leading us to the Doctor of Thuganomics Cena entering and going to the ring. Cena could only rap and used his edgy, fourth wall breaking raps that brought him success. However as mentioned in the Ruthless Aggression documentary, some people had their characters and career's hurt due to this. The character rubbed people the wrong way, he just failed, why did he get this opportunity?

Wyatt breaks down opportunities here, after Cena goes after him for not rising to the occasion. Wyatt lays out that he's had to overachieve to earn any of his opportunities, possibly due to his physique. He gets Cena the opportunity to put over Wyatt and Cena refuses to and only puts himself over with his "nuts in your face" line. 

We then see Wyatt as "Cult leader Wyatt" someone who had gotten over and was on the rise. You saw him cut a riddled promo about being the color red in a sea of black and white. A different character, someone that wasn't pushed by the establishment, someone who wasn't given opportunities but someone who took them. 

This leads us to the most pivotal moment of all, WrestleMania 30. Where he points out that Cena is a man of the people but didn't listen to them. He didn't listen to them chanting Wyatt's name. He refused to put Wyatt over in that match and all he needed to do was swing the chair. Cena finally goes to swing the chair today but it's too late that opportunity has passed.

Cena didn't want to take a chance, he had earned his spot as the good guy character that kids loved and didn't want to deviate. He didn't want to go against that character and take that chance. However we see next on what if he did, what if he "pulled a Hulk Hogan" and "turned heel"?

Finally we get to Wyatt in ring as "Bischoff" and bringing out Cena as "Hollywood Cena" . This throws Cena over the edge and he finally has a chance to attack Wyatt. We see flashbacks to all the major failures of ECW One Night Stand, HBK, Batista, Miz, Punk, Rock, Orton, Lesnar, Reigns and Undertaker, this is Cena "letting the Fiend in" by letting his inside thoughts outward. The Fiend had to end John Cena, he had to hurt him in order for Bray Wyatt to move forward and be healed.

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