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BREAKING NEWS: WWE Releases Enzo Amore

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It was just announced on that WWE has released Enzo Amore. This is amidst his sexual assault (rape) charges. The police were actively investigating these charges and while we CAN NOT confirm or deny these accusations were confirmed by authorities, it certainly seems likely based on WWE's actions. However, Enzo wasn't very popular backstage, getting a lot of heat from the wrestlers for his behavior and management for some previous stories about his behavior at strip clubs, so it's also very possible WWE decided to cut ties either way. This does put WWE in a bit of a pickle because Enzo was the current Cruiserweight Champion. It's very likely WWE will have an tournament or even mini-Royal Rumble strictly for the Cruiserweights at the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Zack Reacts: It's a bad look for 205 Live that two of their champions and lead names have been accused/charged with Rape and Domestic Violence. Combine that with low ratings and virtually empty live show. It might be nail in the coffin for this division. 

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