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BREAKING: Punk Trial Over, Found Not Guilty


It seems that the trial between CM Punk and Colt Cabana vs WWE’s doctor, Chris Amann, is finally over.

Chris Amann, one of WWE's doctors, had allegedly missed a staph infection according to CM Punk during his interview with Colt Cabana. Amann alleged that what Punk had said damaged his career monetarily and was suing for nearly $4 million dollars. $1 for every time the podcast had been listened to. During the case, the record was set straight that the lump was diagnosed possibly as a staph infection, but never 100% as a staph infection. Still, Punk stood by his interview with Cabana, saying that he was presenting his sign of things. It didn't take long for a jury to clear Punk and Cabana based on lack of proof that Amann had suffered financially due to the Podcast from 2014.

They jury on duty was in favor of Phillip Brooks (CM Punk) and Scott Colton (Colt Cabana) on all counts filed by Chris Amann. Neither side will have to pay any money, and the case is now closed.

Zack Reacts: It's a long shot, but it'll be interesting to see if WWE tries to mend any fences now that the lawsuit is over.

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