Bret Hart On Jerry Lawler Situation On Raw - "It Had That Eerie Owen Hart, Live Television Feel"


Bret Hart was recently on The One Sided Ring website. Bret made an appearance on this past edition of WWE Monday Night Raw where he addressed the Montreal crowd after 15 years from the Montreal Screwjob. He also appeared in several other segments. He was there during the Jerry Lawler situation and he explains what he was feeling during it. An excerpt can be seen below:

“It was a very dark moment. It had that eerie Owen Hart, live television feel where you thought, ‘What do you do?’.

“But in this case I tip my hat to WWE and Michael Cole. They did a great job of handling the whole thing.

“I thought the professionalism was on all levels. Oddly enough, if Jerry had had that heart attack anywhere else, he may not have made it.

“Because he had it right there at ringside, they had paramedics right there and they got to him right away.

“We almost lost Jerry. Maybe with WWE having gone through this situation with Owen, they were on top of it this time.

“They got Jerry back, got him the medical attention they needed and they saved his life.

“If anything I welcomed the little bit I had with Cena and Punk at the end of the show. It was a welcome distraction from it all.

Bret discusses the atmosphere in Montreal and how the WWE was hesitant on giving him time to talk to the crowd. He also talks about stars in the company like Brotus Clay and Tyson Kidd and how they are booked. The interview can be listened in its entirety below.

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