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Bret Hart Opens Up About Prostate Cancer; Urges Men To Get Checked

Bret Hart

Joey Styles posted a new interview on featuring quotes from Bret Hart. In the piece, Styles gave Hart the opportunity to talk about treatment for his recent prostate cancer diagnosis. Below is an excerpt:

WWE.COM: When were you diagnosed with prostate cancer, and how soon after did you have surgery?

HART: Over the years, I’ve always had regular physicals and exams. At my age, you should be getting checked regularly, and I made a point of doing it. In 2013, I had elevated PSA levels and I had to do a biopsy, and they found cancer in my prostate. They told me then that it was considered a slow growing cancer and they placed me on what they call “active surveillance” and I repeated the PSA test, which is just blood work, and then got another biopsy a bit later on.

In June of 2015, my PSA level had doubled and another biopsy found that the cancer was indeed growing. After a consultation with my doctor, the decision was made to go in for a robotic prostectomy. We set the date for Feb, 10; it wasn’t a rush.

The message Bret wants to send to men everywhere is to get checked regularly because there are no symptoms of prostate cancer. Had he not been getting regular checks, he wouldn’t have known.

CLICK HERE to read the piece on in its entirety.

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