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Bret Hart Takes Punk's Side, Who Should Be Champion, Rips Controversial Raw Segment

Natalya & Bret Hart

Sports Illustrated has a new piece online featuring quotes from Bret Hart on their “Extra Mustard” blog. In it, Hart speaks on a number of issues and as always, gives an honest opinion (something rare in this business). Below are the highlights:

Taking CM Punk’s side:

“I’d have to take Punk’s side on it,” explained Hart. “Triple H is a bodybuilder nut. He goes after the bodies. He doesn’t care how good–and he can look in the mirror–guys work, he cares how guys look. Punk and Bryan are guys concerned with how they work. It’s a different philosophy. I admire Punk for taking his stand. He was the guy doing all the work, every week, going injured, and here’s a guy sitting at home–working three or four times a year–and you’re going to give him the main event at WrestleMania? I’m not buying it.”

“All the wrestlers in the dressing room should be more understanding of what was on the line there,” said Hart. “Punk went to bat for the wrestlers in the company who were doing the work, and I have a lot of respect for that. I also have a lot of respect for guys like Batista and Brock Lesnar, but if they’re not going to do any kind of schedule and just come in and collect the big check, that’s not fair to the guys who are doing all the work. I don’t see how anyone else could see it any differently.”

Who deserves to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion:

“Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose are the hardest working guys in the company,” said Hart. “They’re the most deserving to be the next champion, even though Reigns has been the most short-changed with booking.”

Paige’s controversial line during the Divas Championship contract signing segment on Raw:

“How could they not see the slight there?” asked Hart. “That’s really insensitive to Ric and his family, and I totally sympathize with Ric. You didn’t see them doing that after Jerry Lawler lost his brother. Maybe someone just made a poor judgment call, but I was flabbergasted to see they did that to him. It was totally wrong.”

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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