When Brock Lesnar And Goldberg Are Expected Back For WWE

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar

Neither Goldberg nor Brock Lesnar are scheduled for tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’ve previewed the show at this link and provided exclusive details on a segment at this link.

Lesnar’s currently slated to return to WWE at Saturday’s live event in Mexico City, Mexico, where he is scheduled to oppose Rusev.

Goldberg will be back as an entrant in the Royal Rumble match, likely rematching Lesnar at Wrestlemania 33. Speaking of a rematch, dot com wants to know if you want to see a third installment. Here’s the poll:

Yes. I want to see what an angry Brock Lesnar does in response to his loss at Survivor Series. — Currently leading with 51% of the vote

No. Goldberg won their first two matches, there is nothing else to prove. - Trailing with 49% of the vote

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