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Brock Lesnar Will Not Be Suspended

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Brock Lesnar & Vince McMahon

The news was just reported by TMZ right here that Brock Lesnar will NOT in fact be suspended in any way, shape or form by the WWE for his failed UFC drug testing.

A WWE spokesperson said that because Brock is not a full-time performer, he does not face the same repercussions and that the Wellness Program is basically in place to protect those that wrestle upwards of 200 days a year.

So yes, Brock WILL compete at SummerSlam on August 21st.

What do you all think? Do you think Brock should be treated differently because he's not a full-time competitor? Should he face similar repercussions for his actions that people like Roman Reigns and Randy Orton have in the past? Or do you agree that there's no reason to punish him? Sound off below!

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