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All-Elite Wrestling has done nothing other than keep its viewers surprised and amazed ever since it was first founded. The fact that it's now the home of many former WWE world champions makes it even more prestigious due to the fact that the superstars may have left WWE because of creative/booking conflicts or they wanted to see what the hype was about with the newly-founded AEW promotion.

It's no secret that Luke Harper was unhappy with the way he was being booked in WWE. It may be safe to say that the final straw came after he allegedly upset Vince McMahon for not taking an immediate flight to a Smackdown Live show following flight conflicts in Saudi Arabia. He had just returned to WWE at Clash of Champions after an injury-related hiatus and helped his Wyatt Family brethren, Erick Rowan, defeat Roman Reigns. His return was actually very shocking but brought some sense of excitement that night (I was in attendance), but literally no one saw this 6 foot 7 giant approaching the fight scene, which made his return even more exciting.

After that night, it felt like Harper's return was pretty lackluster due to poor booking that followed. So, Harper ended up asking for his release from WWE. And soon after, he trademarked his former "Brodie Lee" gimmick, giving speculation that he was heading to NJPW or AEW under that monicker. Sure enough, on the March 18th edition of AEW, he made his debut as Brodie Lee, revealed as Dark Order's "The Exalted One." The promo he cut to reveal and bring himself into the ring to surprise Christopher Daniels and Kaz. His debut shook the wrestling world, especially since his promo was so epic that many people tweeted and commented things such as: "Why couldn't Vince give Harper the mic more? He cuts a dope promo!" 

What he could bring to AEW is something that he definitely could've done in WWE if he would've been given the chance. Many fans saw the potential that Harper had to offer as a top guy back when he was apart of the Wyatt Family. Unfortunately, he was stuck in the tag team division with Rowan and didn't really make it outside of the mid-card area. He could possibly display some 5/5 star matches and create "dream match" speculations with his wrestling rebirth. He gives wrestling fans that odd, silent-killer-type of feel when he makes a surprise appearance. 

In AEW, Brodie Lee could have top-notch matches with just about anybody. It'd be cool to see him face Cody Rhodes, two former WWE Superstars who never got the pushes they deserved. We also could see him face off with Chris Jericho, the greatest wrestler of all time. But one match that truly could steal a whole month worth of wrestling on the internet could be Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley. The insane, unorthodox, craziness between the two gimmicks in one ring could really blow the roof off the arena! Harper/Lee is one of the most skilled big men I, personally, have ever seen. Seriously, the fact that this man was right in front of me and delivered a sneak attack on Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions still baffles me. 

We'd all love to see him thrive in AEW and finally become a world champion once and for all. He definitely deserves it. I honestly can't wait to see what the future holds for Brodie Lee, and Luke Harper will always have a special place in our hearts.

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