Bruno Sammartino Discusses The Upcoming Hall Of Fame Induction


One of my local television stations, WTAE Pittsburgh, interviewed Bruno Sammartino about the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame. In the interview, they discuss Bruno's success, but also his battle with the WWE. Bruno reveals that he spoke out about the product but felt that he failed:

“Naturally, I became a pariah to the wrestling world, but after I did everything I felt in my power to bring attention to it, I felt I failed because nothing happened. It continued on its merry way, so I said, ‘Well, I gave it my best shot and it’s time for me to bow out,’” said Sammartino.

Sammartino, with the help of Triple H, realized that the WWE did change. Bruno will be inducted on April 7, 2013.

“After everything that they told me, I said, now that I know Dr. Maroon is in charge. Now that all these things are done and I see it with my own eyes -- I watch it week after week purposely to see if this was the way it was -- then I told Paul Levesque, I said, ‘OK, you guys have done all the changes. I’m so grateful you people have done all that and I will do my part. I will accept your Hall of Fame,’” said Sammartino.

"I can take a lot of physical pain, but emotionally, I am not the strongest guy. I can get emotional very easy. I am hoping that night I can hold my emotions, because I have to make a little speech,”

The story of his career just may not end there. Talks of a documentary and a feature film have surfaced. To check out the full story and the video, click here.

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