Bryan Alvarez Goes Off On Sheamus; Progress Wrestling Documentary On Kickstarter


Bryan Alvarez On "Reckless" Sheamus

Usually, the guys over at the Bryan and Vinny radio show can obviously get opinionated but this one takes the cake. After last night's match at Payback in which Sheamus kicked Jeff Hardy right in the face, knocking his tooth out, Bryan Alvarez (who also contributes to the Observer) went off on the Celtic Warrior, saying that he "sucked in the ring" if he can't do a proper kick to the chest or shoulder when Jeff was laying in position for it. Bryan also said that he had no respect for Sheamus as a worker and if it were his company, he would fire the guy.

Progress Wrestling Documentary On Kickstarter

Over in the UK, Progress Wrestling has a huge presence and regularly sells out big arenas despite their very small start and people telling them that they would not amount to much in London. They are still going strong since opening their doors in 2011 and now they want to release a documentary entitled This.Is.Progress with the help of fans on Kickstarter. Here is the description they listed on the site:

THIS.IS.PROGRESS. is a feature-length documentary that charts PROGRESS Wrestling's ascension to the heady heights of the UK independent wrestling scene. The film dissects what makes them, their wrestlers and the fans stand out as some of the most exciting and unique in the world

In 2011 comedy agent, Jon Briley and stand-up comedian Jim Smallman, decided to take their love of professional wrestling one step further by putting on their own independent wrestling show in London. They were told professional wrestling didn't work in London, but their first show, ‘Chapter 1 - In the Beginning’ was a sell out, they never looked back.

After that first show, actor Glen Joseph came on board as PROGRESS' third co-owner. Little did the three friends know that from humble beginnings PROGRESS would go from strength-to-strength. Now they consistently sell out 700 capacity shows in minutes. Their on-demand service has thousands of subscribers and they promote events across the UK and internationally. In September 2016, PROGRESS achieved its biggest success to date when they sold out London's historic Brixton Academy. 'Chapter 36: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Room...Again', was the biggest independent wrestling show held in the UK for a decade.

You can view their page and donate if you want right here.


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