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Last week I did a story about building SmackDown's Men's Tag Division and now it is RAW's turn! Click on SmackDown to see the SmackDown story but to sum it up I added Usos (already there just hurt) and Breezango with Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak as alternates to fill in if needed. I counted Street Profits, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, and Alpha Academy as current tag teams and did not count Nakamura and Cesaro since they seem to no longer be a tag team. Not including the alternate I had five teams on SmackDown and I think four to five is a good number for SmackDown since it is a two hour show. RAW I'll go with six since there is an extra hour to work with for time but no more since there is are two extra titles on RAW to work with. 
Those being the 24/7 Championship and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. The current WWE Women's Tag Team Champions are on RAW and the Women's belts are mainly defended on the red brand but I'll talk more about my ideal Women's Tag Division in part three next Monday! Now I know six might seem like too much and it would not work for time but all six don't have to be used every week. I'd say alternate tag team usage so have two tag storylines at a time and WWE could even have a storyline involving more than two teams. 

1. The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin)


Before I add the teams I would add or reintroduce into the tag team division on RAW I'll go through active tag teams right now on the red brand to begin. Hurt Business members Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander are the current RAW Tag Team Champions but a split is keep being hinted so the tag division might lose them and Hurt Business in total if a split does happen soon. Hurt Business is looked on favorably by most fans and should NOT be split up. They are great and subtracting a tag team from an already bare division would not be a good move. 

2. Lucha House Party


The second current team is Lucha House Party. I am not a fan of them but there is no room to be picky with a lack of teams and even though I do not like them a high flier tag team is necessary in a tag division I believe. They are needed especially with the amount of injuries affecting the tag division and with a couple tag teams or possible teams being involved in non tag team storylines.

3. The New Day


It's a NEW DAY!!! Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are the third tag team on RAW because Kingston has been hurt the last few weeks and the pair seem to be feuding with the Retribution faction in a non-tag division story. New Day are still in the tag division but aren't in the picture right now mainly because they just lost the titles to the Hurt Business and that feud has ended. 

4. Miz and Morrison


Technically Miz and Morrison are still a tag team and they still compete in tag matches but mainly with singles stars in matches to propel singles storylines. They have not really been in the tag division picture or even showed any interest in the tag titles. Miz has been focused on his MITB briefcase and Morrison has been focused on supporting the Miz. I think WWE needs to have them do both things or get the briefcase off Miz and onto a singles star. The tag division needs parody. Wrestling tag divisions in my opinion are best when either multiple teams are in the title picture in alternating stories or when three teams are feuding at the same time, kind of like the classic Edge and Christian, Dudley Boyz, and Hardy Boyz rivalry. Miz and Morrison are veteran wrestlers who are very entertaining in and out of the ring and in my opinion really helped make SmackDown's tag division seem very interesting from January to May of 2020. 

So those are four teams we already have and only two of them are really being used in the tag division in pursuit of the titles or in pursuit of climbing towards the titles. If Ivar was healthy RAW would have the Viking Raiders as well but he is injured and won't return for a while and RAW has not paired Erik with anyone else so they are not a team I will use. The first team I will use is from an already existing faction and that is Retribution.

5. Retribution


Retribution is all about chaos and hurting WWE so they are not about title pursuits, but holding titles of a show hostage would still fit into their goals in my opinion. They also don't need to ever win them but just try to harass the champions or tag teams in pursuit of the titles. Retribution is feuding with New Day now so maybe that is the eventual plan but it seems like the point of the feud is to pit Mustafa Ali the Retribution leader against Kofi Kingston. Now what pair from Retribution would I use in the tag division? I would use T-Bar and Slapjack. Slapjack formally Shane Thorne has tag team experience and T-Bar formally Dominik Dijakovic is a great wrestler who could fit into any role asked of him. This would be a tag team that would be a real threat and represent Retribution really well.

6. Grizzled Young Veterans


Now for team number six and this is one from NXT. Now I know it might seem too soon to call up Zack Gibson and James Drake of Grizzled Young Veterans but I think they are ready. I am a huge fan of these guys and when I watch them even if it is just a very short promo I see the future of WWE's tag team division. I know that is bold but they are tremendous in the ring great on the microphone and they just give off this arrogant and superior energy that makes them feel like the real deal. They are currently in NXT and have been there very shortly since they were on NXT UK before. There are lots of teams on NXT and one notable team NXT could use was not in the Dusty Cup, I'm referring to Indus Sher. NXT does not need GYV and I think GYV are ready and doing well or winning the Dusty Cup I think is enough to propel them onto the main roster. These guys are special and they are ready for the next level.

Now what would your tag division of RAW look like? You don't have to keep active teams like I did and you can add teams that are on the indies and are free agents as well! Let me know in the comments or on twitter @juicecannon I really want to hear them!

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