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WWE as of late has not been known for it's tag team divisions. Their has been a lack of tag teams on each brand and a lot of tag teams have been hit by injuries or scandals. Forgotten Sons were written off television for a while because of Jaxson Ryker's political comments and now Steve Cutler has been released so they are not coming back. Teams are even seemingly splitting up like Nakamura and Cesaro who both seem to be returning to the singles division. There might seem to be a lack of usable tag teams but the Men's Dusty Cup had 16 teams and even though most are not ready to be called up a few are at least to add depth to the SmackDown and RAW tag divisions. 

Right now SmackDown's tag division is just Street Profits and the champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. I will count Otis and Chad Gable of Alpha Academy even though they have yet to even try to pursue tag team gold. Nakamura and Cesaro were in the division and might be again but Nakamura is a face again and Cesaro a heel and it seems like both are back in the singles division and could be feuding soon. SmackDown is a two hour show so it does not need many teams but I think four or five that constantly battle and are all used is needed. 


First team is the Usos who I am sure once Jimmy Uso comes back will be back on the top of the tag division or near the top. I am personally not a fan of the Usos at all even of Jey who has been more interesting as of late but has still yet to turn me into a fan. I think both brothers are basic in the ring and only say the same things on repeat in promos. Despite my opinion though most fans love them. Injury and personal problems have taken them out of action multiple times but when they are around they do add something to whichever brand they are on. Last year from January to May I thought the SmackDown Tag Division was great and that they were a part of the reason why. I know SmackDown is only a two hour show and they can't include every tag team in every episode but Usos would be part of the Reigns family faction and if the tag division stories align with Reigns promos it can merge stories together to save time and have the tag team division feel more important by Reigns caring about the outcome of it. 


Second team I think could help the tag team division on SmackDown is Breezango. I think it is time to give Tyler Breeze and Fandango another shot on the main roster. Personally I think they are hilarious and add a great comedic aspect but can be a serious threat as well. They were recently NXT Tag Team Champions but right now aren't really being used. They had a match in the Dusty Cup but not much before that since losing the titles and nothing even though it has not been long. Both are experienced in the ring and are great entertainers who do great comedy promos and vignettes as well as hilarious entrances. I think they would add fun element to the SmackDown tag division. Now the Profits and Alpha Academy are both fun teams so maybe we have enough of those but Profits can turn the switch whenever and so can Alpha Academy so Breezango could be the main comedic tag team but still a real threat for the titles. 

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Now I said two teams and meant it but injuries and life happens so I am going to add an alternate that can replace one of the above if it becomes unrealistic for one of these two to be added. Also the Usos are a given and will definitely be reintroduced when back together. I know this is a fantasy booking situation so a alternate really is not needed but I am going to add one any one. Daniel Bryan did not win the Rumble and it seems like Edge will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania for the Universal Championship, so where does that leave Bryan? I know people do not like makeshift tag teams and might get mad at Bryan being in a tag team but he is reliable and adds quality wherever he is. Who would be his partner? My team requires a brand move for someone. Move Drew Gulak back to SmackDown and reunite them. Gulak and Bryan were great together but were not a tag team but just in a training partnership. Some fans wanted them to tag together though and they blend so well and are both great in the ring and entertaining guys. They would also be a believable threat for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. 

How would you build the SmackDown Tag Division? Tell me in the comments or on Twitter @juicecannon1 and please follow! Follow @wnwnews as well! Expect a part two about RAW and a part three about the women's tag division on monday!

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