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I did SmackDown's Men's Tag Division then RAW's now time do build the Women's Tag Division that is supposed to include RAW, SmackDown, and NXT. Since RAW is where the Women's Tag Titles usually are and most of the divisions matches occur I'm putting this out there today on Monday as a RAW piece.

In my two previous parts I focused on what teams to have in the tag division, but this time it will be more about how to spread the women's tag division and make it feel important. I'll still talk about what teams to use but not as much as the last two articles. There will be five parts on what to do to improve the division.

Part 1 Spreading the Division Consistently 


This part is all about spreading the women's tag division among the three brands more equally. There should still be one brand that the belts are on and that takes most of the focus but the champions should alternate shows more consistently. Now I know fans usually don't like brand crossovers happening too often and I agree, brand split is important, but there are only so many women's tag teams so crossover is needed. Fans understand the need for brand crossover because I am not the only one that wants more crossover among the women's tag division. NXT has a deep women's division and just had there first ever Women's Dusty Cup they need to be used more frequently in the women's tag division and used more in the title picture. SmackDown has a premier tag team or a team that should be in the Riott Squad. WWE is getting a little better in brand crossover but more needs to be done mainly dealing with using the NXT women's tag teams more.

Part 2 Focus still on RAW but tweaked

Monday Night RAW is a three hour show and can fit more so it should still be the anchor show of the women's tag division. The tweaking just means maybe one women's tag match per week on NXT and maybe even having more women's tag matches on Main Event and 205 Live and talking about them during RAW. Also during RAW there could be a short segment where commentary or someone else talks about the events of the women's tag division and who beat who and when with short clips. When there are contender matches teams from other brands should be included. The other week Asuka and Charlotte Flair, Naomi and Lana, and Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke all competed in a contender match. If RAW had some contender matches like that included one team from each brand it expands match possibilities and gets the other brands more consistently involved in the Women's Tag Title picture.

Part 3 A Women's Tag Division General Manager or Official


I think having someone be an on screen manager of the women's tag division would add importance to the division as well as possible storylines. Sonya Deville could be the person for the role but she is already Pearce's partner on SmackDown and I think it should be someone with comedic value. The manager should be a women with tag team experience and who is very entertaining or someone that has energy but is still respected. Billie Kay fits the entertaining tag team experienced person with comedic chops, but on screen her character is not well respected. A person who has energy but is respected would be Paige. She is still employed by the WWE but has not been used in a while except for WWE Backstage. Paige has tag team experience both as a manager of certain teams like Kabuki Warriors and Fire and Desire and she has competed as part of teams. Fans love Paige and she would be a great addition as the on screen boss of the women's tag division.


Part 4 More Premier Matches

If WWE wants more fans to be invested in the women's tag divisions then they need more big matches. They need more matches on the main cards of ppvs and a few main events on RAW, SmackDown and NXT. Highlighted matches give divisions more importance and the women's division has plenty of talent to create great matches. There were some underrated great women's tag matches in 2020 and there will be more so more light shown on them will be huge for the division.

Part 5 How to Handle Teams: Makeshift vs Established

Makeshift teams are fine they get some underused wrestlers more opportunity and add unpredictable elements at times. That said WWE has a problem with making makeshift teams seem more important than established teams too often. We all know wrestling is scripted and there is plenty of unrealistic elements but there should be a lot of realistic elements especially when it comes to in ring action. IMPACT wrestling does this well, the more established teams win more often than the makeshift teams but makeshift teams still have success. WWE's women's tag division is mainly makeshift teams so they still need to be in the picture but teams like the Riott Squad, Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai, and Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter need to be featured more often. Also eventually IIconics should come back and be featured heavily in the tag division as well. Now I know the two NXT teams are not that established but they are more than most teams around and teams with great chemistry need to be kept together longer. WWE needs to stops ripping apart popular tag teams because it only damages the tag division. 


Those are the five things I would change and if it was not clear what team I would make the centerpiece of the women's tag divisions it would be Riott Squad. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan are talented and have been used more lately but they need a larger push. They are young and popular with the fans and very entertaining. 

Those are all the things I would do what would you guys do? Let me know on twitter @juicecannon1 or in the comments. What teams would you have in it? How would it operate? Would you have a women's tag division manager and if yes, who?

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