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Cameron Explains Infrequent Appearances On Total Divas

Cameron addressed her infrequent appearances on Season 4 of Total Divas in a statement posted on Twitter. You can read it below:

Click here to load (if not loaded)

If you’re unable to get the tweet to load, I transcribed it in the space below:

To all of my fans that have been asking I am so grateful for opportunities I have had on #TotalDivas and wish the ladies nothing but great success. You may not see me as much this season but you should take solace in the fact that the WWE team and I are working hard on improving the Cameron character as well as me expanding the Ariane brand. I thank you for all the continued support and promise that I am working my tail off to bring you bigger and better things soon! Looking forward to entertaining all of you like only #TeamGirlBye can. Love you all…

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