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Cat Greenleaf On Her USA Daytime Stoop with WWE Superstars

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This week USA is letting the WWE invade USA Daytime! Cat Greenleaf sits on her stoop and interviews WWE Superstars. They are promoting all of the WWE shows that will be airing on USA over the next couple weeks, including Tribute To The Troops.

Greenleaf introduced the day with Miz, but nothing was really said. Part way through the first episode of NCIS Greenleaf sat down with Big Show on the stoop. It's nice to see Big Show in street clothes, rather than ring gear, or with the addition of a hoodie, or even one of his immaculately cut suits. He was in taupe pants and a black polo shirt, looking relaxed and chill with what looked like a cup of coffee in hand, and a white and tan bulldog behind them. Greenleaf is blonde and petite, so Big Show takes up most of the space on the stoop.

Greenleaf – WWE Superstar has been in the ring for 20 years, but in this interview, he'll reveal something the fans might not know.

Big Show – I'm a very avid reader I read probably 150-200 books a year.

Greenleaf – Are you not expected to read because you're big, because you're a Superstars, because?

Big Show – I just think it's funny because sometimes people will see me in airports and if I have a book in my hand, 'Oh, I didn't expect that!' And I think the same way. You think I can't read? You think I can't write?

Greenleaf – You say that?

Big Show – Sometimes, if I want to be a smart-alec, but, you know, sometimes I wanna go (with his face screwed to the side) 'I can talk too!'

Greenleaf – That would be wrong.

Big Show – That would be wrong, so I don't do it. But judge you, they look at you like you 7', 420lbs, you're probably not very witty, you're not very smart, you know. You're probably not very clean. I smell nice, I shower, occasionally.

Greenleaf leans in and sniffs across Big Show's chest, and up to his neck!

Greenleaf – Smells amazing!

Big Show – See! (Thumbs up and a big smile.) Amazing! We like that!

Greenleaf – You do! You smell really good.

Between the first two episodes of NCIS Greenleaf is back to push the interviews, showing herself if with Big Show and Brie Bella. In each of these set up segments, Greenleaf is in the same outfit, but in varying outfits when interviewing the Superstars, so obviously this was recorded over a period of time and compiled for this week.

During the second hour of NCIS, Greenleaf sets up for her interview with Miz. Miz continues to show his style in dark dress pants, a matching vest, a light button down shirt with the cuffs rolled up, and a muted plaid tie. The thing that really sets Miz apart are his black, pink and yellow argyle socks.

Greenleaf – I will sit down with The Miz who seems to be charged with an internal battery that never quits. Is he always that way? He opens up in this daytime chat.

Greenleaf – You have, as my grandmother used to say, light bulbs in your eyes, have you always been like that, since a child?

Miz – Yeah, it's rather annoying actually, I felt bad for...

Greenleaf – To who?

Miz – For my parents! Just going, walk to the mall, I was running around everywhere. You know those kids who have leashes? I was the kid that needed the leash. Even now, to this day, I'm like 'Mom, you should have just put me on a leash?' You lost me how many times in a mall? The cops would bring, 'Is this your kid?' 'Oh, my God!'

Greenleaf – We have The Miz in aisle six!

The show the same clip with Greenleaf and Miz and Brie a couple times through the shows. She then sets up to interview Brie. Brie is in a simple black button down top, black and white plaid jeggings with the ankle zippers open, and, of course, her signature stilettos with a studded ankle strap.

Greenleaf – Brie Bella may seem fierce, but in this daytime chat, she tells me she's the Diva with a heart of gold.

Brie – I'm actually a hippy. I'm really sweet and all about peace and love. I'm lucky because my character now is a lot like who I am in person. You know, very sweet, and energetic, and fun, and really wants to spread the love.

Greenleaf – Spread the love! She's all about spreading the love, although will totally kick your butt!

Video clip of Brie in the ring in her red and black Brie Mode gear, screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of a match.

Brie – That is true, in a very lovley, sweet way.

Greenleaf – That's right, while giving the peace sign with one hand, she's totally sweeping the leg.

Brie – Absolutely!

They continue to show the same clip reminding the watchers that Greenleaf will be interviewing WWE Superstars this week on USA Daytime.

This next chat is with Steph who is in one of her favorite black blazers, a black top under it, dark wash jeans with strategic fading on the thighs and knees, and black peep-toed heels. Even her toenails look perfectly polished in navy blue or black.

Greenleaf – In this chat Stephanie McMahon shares some of the important ways the WWE gives back to the Troops.

Steph – All service men and women with a military ID can come to any WWE live event for free. And we do a show every year called Tribute To The Troops, and we perform for the troops and their families, and it's a free show. There's all different celebrities that get involved, and music acts, and comedians.

Video clip from Tribute To The Troops. Cena posing on a corner, then down with the troops in the front row. Eva Marie posing with someone in the front row.

Steph – It's really a wonderful way to give back to the men and women who fight for our freedom.

That was all USA, the WWE, Cat Greenleaf, and the WWE Superstars had for us on Monday. Check back in each day this week to see what else the WWE Superstars have to say to Greenleaf on her stoop.

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