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Cat Greenleaf On Her USA Stoop With WWE Superstars – Tuesday

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Cat Greenleaf starts the four hour block with the same clip as yesterday, except today she's pushing the Live Super Smackdown tonight.

During the first hour Greenleaf speaks with Miz again.

Greenleaf – Believe it or not, WWE Superstar Miz still gets stage fright, and will reveal his cure for it.

Miz – Before I go out onto the stage and into the arena, I'm nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach, my thoat is closing up.

Greenleaf – Still?

Miz – Oh my God, to this day! Like, I've been doing WWE for what feels like forever now, and I still get nervous before I go out, and I, I, I can't make a word out, I can't do anything. But once you hear the pooing* or the cheering from that audience, everything vanishes.

Video of Miz in the ring for a match, still wearing his shades.

Miz – Once I hit that stage and I hear that audience, hear their reaction, it just goes away and it just feels like I'm at home and it turns into adrenaline and just allows me to do what I do at the best of my capabilities.

Greenleaf – And what is it that you do well? Is it you perform well, you wrestle well?

Miz – Everything.

Greenleaf – Helloooooo!

*(I think he meant booing, but it sounded like pooing, and listened to it five times to be sure.)

During the second hour Greenleaf talks to Big Show.

Greenleaf – Big Show explains why WWE fans are one of a kind.

Big Show – It's always amazed me that no matter where we go in different countries. I've been to Egypt, Europe, you know, Malaysia, it doesn't matter where we are, where they're from, they still know who we are. Different language? Boom, they sing along with the guys' theme songs. They know the sayings. You know what I mean?

Greenleaf – Give me your theme song.

Big Show – You want me to sing it?

Greenleaf – I don't want you to sing it, I'm commanding you to sing it.

Big Show – Just like being at home! Great! Awesome!

Greenleaf - (Undeciferable)

Big Show – (singing) It's The Big Show! It's the big bad Show tonight! (stops singing) That's as far as I'm going.

Greenleaf interviews Titus O'Neil who also shows his killer style in a gray micro-pinstriped suit, sans jacket, sage green shirt with a micro-check, and a raspberry and gray swirled tie.

Greenleaf – Superstar Titus O'Neil played college football, so he knows a thing or two about rabid fans, but he tells me WWE fans are on a whole other level.

Titus – I just think the WWE fans are a different kind of crazy.

Greenleaf – Which kind is that?

Titus – Well, I mean, I come from a college football background, and I see people painting their bodies, and standing out in cold weather. But these fans are standing out in the airport at 3am waiting for autographs. I'm not waiting. I wouldn't wait for no autograph, from me?

Greenleaf – I'll just give you mine right now. It's fine.

Titus – I, I, I already got it.

Greenleaf – What would the WWE be without the fans? Stephanie McMahon tell me just how important they are.

Steph – It's really like an art form. Because our Superstars and Divas have the ability to tell a story in the ring with their bodies and their faces that make people either cheer them win, or boo to see them lose. Without our fans, we wouldn't have a show. Imagine watching Monday Night Raw in an arena and there's no on in the stands.

Greenleaf – Wah-wat.

Steph – It wouldn't be very exciting, right?

Greenleaf – Not at all.

Steph – The fans bring signs. They're so enthusiastic. They literally are. They chant along. They really are a part of what we do!

This short little interviews might be partially kayfabe, but they're showing a fun side of these Superstars. Check back tomorrow for the next installment of USA Daytime and Cat Greenleaf on her stoop with WWE Superstars!

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