Cesaro Moves On, Flo Rida Performance, What You Didn’t See, Wardrobe Malfunction


WWE Raw TV notes…

- As the storyline goes, Cesaro has separated from Paul Heyman and is looking to align with The Authority. He beat Dean Ambrose in a singles match via disqualification on this week's telecast when Ambrose used a chair.

- Flo Rida performed live from Miami, as you can view highlights at this link or embedded below:


- The Rock's mother Ata Johnson was in attendance at this week's show.

- Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns beat Seth Rollins & Kane in a dark match main event after the show ended.

- Nikki Bella's bare breast was exposed after the 4-on-1 handicap match. Production caught it and cut the feed, however, pictures still ended up circulating on social media.

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