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Chad Gable Says Jason Jordan Is Working To Get Back In Ring

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Could an American Alpha reunion happen in 2021? It's not impossible, as Chad Gable recently spoke on the Bump and said that Jason Jordan was trying to get cleared. The WWE tag division on Raw and Smackdown is lacking high quality tag teams and a return of American Alpha would be a huge shot in the arm for the division. Here is Gable's quote from the Bump:

“It’s unfortunate what happened to him with his injury,” said Gable. “But you never say never. He’s working on it, he’s trying to get back and who knows? A reunion is always something that I would never be against.”

Gable would also go on to discuss the chemistry he and Jordan had in their tag team:

Jason [Jordan] was such a big part of my journey to being successful in WWE,” said Gable. “Who’s to say if I would’ve even gotten a start in NXT or the main roster if it wasn’t for Jason?

“I just feel so fortunate that we meshed together so well. He’s another one of those guys like Otis that, our mentalities are just so similar, and we just resonate on the same levels when it comes to everything ,and I think it bled through in our tag team.”

You can checkout the entire conversation and episode of the Bump below:

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