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Charlie Sheen Clarifies His Remarks About Meeting Daniel Bryan At SummerSlam

IGN has posted a new article with quotes from Charlie Sheen. In the article, Sheen discusses how serious his remarks about meeting Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam were. In the following excerpt, Sheen explains his role at Raw 1000 and clarifies his remark:

“Well, the numbers worked for us. Because I cancelled Twitter, I had to do that as a backup plan. It was fun. It was the deepest into that world I’d ever gone. And I guess the guy who was egging me on is a real problem. And he and I will solve that later. Print that.”

Sheen then added, “It was a promotional tool for our show [Anger Management] and I think everybody is going to win on that one. But it was exciting just to step into a different world that I didn’t ever really believe existed – and still don’t!”

When I asked him if perhaps he might look to solve those issues at a televised event on August 19th (as in, SummerSlam), Sheen replied, “Oh, there’s gonna have to be a lot of money on that one, but yeah, if it’s the right look at that moment, sure, why not?”

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dale Holton for sending this in.

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