Chris Jericho Bit Sin Cara In The Face? Jericho Responds

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has responded to reports about getting into a backstage altercation with Sin Cara on WWE's current international tour. If you missed, it MLW Radio tweeted that Cara got the better of Jericho, something Jericho is disputing.

PWInsider.com reported that Cara struck Jericho after they had words and Jericho retaliated by biting him in the face. According to this site, Jericho reportedly yelled at Sin Cara that he wouldn't be working for WWE much longer. Chris posted this video on Instagram:

Here's what Jericho tweeted when MLW sent out a video of Cara laying him out in a clip on WWE 2K17:

We're being told there is heat on Sin Cara over the incident and his job could be jeopardy.

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